Karl Wirsing for Seattle City Council - District 1

West Seattle & South Park

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Well, we had certainly hoped for a different result in the primary. It was a disappointing finish, yet we are far from discouraged. It’s a start—a launching point—an opportunity to learn and build on something special. We knew we came into the race late and weren't quite able to get the traction we hoped, but I'm very proud of our campaign. It was sincere, it was honest, and it was enthusiastic, and we've come away with richer and deeper friendships, a stronger feeling of community than we've ever experienced, and a tremendous respect for all of the wonderful people who call District 1 home. 

So thank you, all of you, for sharing some of your time and ideas with us. So many folks welcomed us onto their doorsteps, greeted us warmly, listened to us, asked questions, even invited us inside and offered us a coke on a hot day. Those are unforgettable moments and memories, and we don't want to lose that powerful feeling of connection to the community. We feel inspired, in fact, to stay as engaged and active as possible. We didn't run for city council on a whim; we ran because we absolutely love our neighborhood and city, and that same passion will drive us to stay involved and help the community any way we can.

We're not sure what our next step will be, but we're in. We're invested, we're not going anywhere, and we're ready to work!