Worth Every Minute

Well, we had certainly hoped for a different result in the primary. It was a disappointing finish, yet we are far from discouraged. It’s a start—a launching point—an opportunity to learn and build on something special. We knew we came into the race late and weren't quite able to get the traction we hoped, but I'm very proud of our campaign. It was sincere, it was honest, and it was enthusiastic, and we've come away with richer and deeper friendships, a stronger feeling of community than we've ever experienced, and a tremendous respect for all of the wonderful people who call District 1 home.  Continue reading

One Week to Go

The primary is only seven days away, and right around this time on Tuesday, August 4, we’ll have a pretty clear idea who’s likely to survive and continue on to the general election. But in the interim, amid all the anxiousness and uncertainty about the outcome—and anguishing over whether we’ve done all we can—I don’t want to forget something fundamental about this campaign: It should also be fun.   Continue reading

Well That Was Fun!

Last Thursday, July 16, I set off on my first bike commute from West Seattle to my office at the University of Washington, and it was fantastic! Thanks to help with the route from city-wide candidate Alon Bassock and the Seattle Bike Blog network, I cruised the 11.87 miles across downtown with barely a hitch. Continue reading

Braving the Cross-City Bike Commute

Next Thursday, July 16, will mark my first attempt to bike to work from our home in Delridge to my office at the south end of the University of Washington campus. The trip is a little more than 10 miles, so very doable in terms of time and distance, but the challenges of city cycling multiply when you have to move between urban neighborhoods with varying levels of infrastructure to support active transportation. Continue reading

The Burke-Gilman Trail, Unblocked

Earlier today, I was very excited to see the Burke-Gilman Trail open again through the University of Washington campus! There's been a small but prickly detour on the trail during the Rainier Vista overhaul, but construction is now complete—and the result is pretty slick. Continue reading

Trust in Youth

Last week, Crosscut featured a story, “Getting teens to care about climate change,” about a local high school activist at Seattle Academy, Savannah Kinzer, and her quest to rally support for I-732, which would implement a carbon tax in Washington. One of the broader questions in the story was how to make students believe they can individually make a difference with climate change. Continue reading

Heat Check

The forecast for Seattle this weekend, and particularly on Sunday, has a chance to hit the mid-80s. While I always rejoice in our sunny days here, the past two summers have brought unseasonably warm weather in June—to the point that we’re seeing high temps 15 to 20 degrees above historical averages. Continue reading

The Promise of the Duwamish River

At the end of the forum in South Park two nights ago, I left with a tremendous feeling of excitement and opportunity for the community—especially about the Duwamish River. Continue reading

Revamping Delridge Way

Coming back from a run along Alki this morning, I passed yet another car accident on Delridge Way. I’ve been commuting along this stretch of Delridge every weekday for the past nine months, and I’ve seen more than a dozen accidents—mostly fender benders, but a few more serious—as well as one pedestrian fatality near the intersection with Brandon. Continue reading

South Park Saturday

After starting Saturday at Paddle in Seattle—which was awesome and pulsing with energy—I joined Danielle and a couple friends to explore part of South Park late Saturday afternoon. First we stopped by Lowercase Brewing, where they were super friendly and let us squeeze in a quick tasting before a private party got rolling (can’t wait to go back). That ended up being a piece good fortune, though, as it led us to discover another great spot just a few blocks away. Continue reading