The Burke-Gilman Trail, Unblocked

Earlier today, I was very excited to see the Burke-Gilman Trail open again through the University of Washington campus! There's been a small but prickly detour on the trail during the Rainier Vista overhaul, but construction is now complete—and the result is pretty slick.

Burke-Gilman_Blog_4.jpgThe Burke-Gilman, featuring separate pedestrian and cycling lanes, now passes without hindrance under a wide land bridge that connects campus to Husky Stadium and, when it opens next year, the new light rail stop. You don't have to cross a street from campus anymore; you can stroll down the long grassy corridor from Red Square all the way to the intersection of Pacific and Montlake. No more cranes, no more chain-link fences. Just unobstructed views of Drumheller Foundation and main campus to the north, and the usual spectacular scene of Mount Rainier to the south.

My office is just off the Burke-Gilman Trail and Rainier Vista, and I only noticed the new area was open thanks to a single sign staked into the fresh lawn (and I later saw a couple more posted on the trail itself). So it was a quiet roll-out, but still wonderful news for anyone who passes through campus on the trail!

(Of course, new construction on the rest of the Burke-Gilman through UW is imminent. I had a chance to write about the broader trail redesign a couple years ago, and despite the temporary inconvenience of some hitches in the pathway, the plans for this rail-trail are awesome to see. So enjoy the reprieve now before the next disruptions begin, and get excited for what the fully finished section through campus will eventually look like!)

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