Why Vote in This Election?

For decades, all Seattle City Council members have been elected by the entire city, meaning they’ve been beholden to interests, and especially huge donors, far outside of their own neighborhoods and communities. But this year, with the change to a district system—with two at-large candidates, and then seven members who will be voted on by specific sections of the city—we finally have a chance to get dedicated, local leadership to represent West Seattle and South Park.

We live in the new District 1, Southwest Seattle, and we have a chance to be a major voice and influence on the council. So even if you don’t usually vote, or if you feel your vote doesn’t count in a city-wide sea of opinions, know that in this election, you’ll have a chance to elect someone from your neighborhood—someone you’ll have access to, someone who understands the issues most affecting our community.

So don’t waste a minute—make sure you’re registered to vote in the primary before ballots mail on July 21, and help power the heartbeat of local democracy!

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