Win a Voice

One of my greatest frustrations with government is feeling separated from the process, and wishing for easier and more inviting opportunities to connect with elected officials on a personal level. The challenge has been even greater in West Seattle, where we haven’t had dedicated representation on the City Council. Yet we have an incredibly engaged and civic-minded city, with scores of community groups working to address countless issues, eager to get involved and make a difference. 

Wirsing_Sign_forWebBig.jpgMy plan if elected will be to harness that energy and pursue feedback, ideas and concerns from all corners of our district. Serving on the Seattle City Council is a full-time job, and I will block off regular office hours each week, on different days, for in-person meetings with constituents (or phone calls for those who can’t take the time or make the trip). I'll also spent part of at least one day each week out in the West Seattle and South Park community. Whether it’s at a coffee shop or library or school, or at a restaurant or bar or other community gathering spot, I want to be accessible every week—during normal business hours and during evenings, because I know so many of us have unpredictable schedules, and getting off work can be costly and impractical. Open, empathetic lines of communication are central to responsible government, and I will make sure to provide reliable news and updates to everyone in the district who wants it!

Part of my plan is selfish, because I love meeting new people and getting to learn from their perspectives and lives. But the most important part is making sure we all stay connected, as friends and neighbors and citizens, and never lose touch with our shared stake in guiding and governing this city. 

So West Seattle and South Park will finally have a seat after this election, and I will make sure no one’s individual voice gets lost in the chorus!

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  • Karl Wirsing
    published this page 2015-05-17 13:14:00 -0700